Digital Receipts Association

We fly to Mars, but we print receipts on paper

Society is digitiziting at all levels. We own and control:

  • household devices connected via the internet (e.g. internet of things),

  • artificial intelligence (e.g. Midjourney, ChatGPT),

  • virtual reality (e.g. Metaverse).

But we still print paper receipts that:

  • cost forests, time, money.

  • their print colors are toxic,

  • fade and become unnecessary for the user,

  • are confusing, impractical,

  • unlike online stores, it does not create a solid and long-term relationship: customer - seller.

Why don't we have digital receipts yet?

  • Digitalization takes place in a fragmented manner (both content and process) depending on the seller / service provider / carrier etc.,

  • The information chain is missing (purchase / payment / logistics / use / warranty / service / loyalty programs),

  • The ability of different systems to cooperate with each other is missing (input information for PFM / domestic accounting),

    At the same time, technology and user literacy at the necessary level have long existed. 

Digital Receipts Association creates a platform of cooperation between: 

  • manufacturers,  

  • merchants/service providers,

  • customers, respectively users, 

  • providers of payment and logistics solutions,

  • infrastructural, or user IT elements (e.g. cash register and accounting systems, payment terminals, electronic banking, identifiers),

  • public administration bodies,

  • identity service providers,

  • important professional institutions and associations.

Digital Receipts Association becomes the engine of change

We call for standardization that:

  • aligns the interests of the parties involved,

  • utilizes and adapts business and user practices,

  • will use technical and legal standards, 

  • sets the same rules for everyone. 

That is why we established Digital Receipts Association that

  • balances the interests of the parties involved,

  • will bring process and technical standards,

  • finds a functional and scalable open solution,

  • stimulates the creation of specific use-cases and pilots,

  • deserves general acceptance and legal anchoring,

  • will educate

  • it sets a long-term horizon and trust.

Join us! 

Digital Receipts Association will become your digitalization engine.

Digital receipt standard

Let's create a new standard together

We will establish a working group composed of experts and representatives of the association's members, which will jointly create a proposal for a digital receipt standard. Subsequently, he will initiate the change of the necessary legislation so that the consumer's right to a digital receipt is created.  

DRA association intention

Let's digitize business

We will connect business processes between merchants, payment method providers, cash register systems, accounting programs and customers. And together we will create a generally acceptable open source digital receipt standard that takes into account the needs of all stakeholders.

Become a member of the association

Join our initiative

Are you interested in digitizing receipts? We want you aboard! Entities representing all segments of society affected by the digitization of receipts can become members of the newly emerging DRA association. You can join as an institution, association, company or individual.

Our supporters

Patronages of ministries and support of associations

The association was created with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic, the Czech Fintech Association, the Czech Parking Association, the Gastronomic Institute and other professional associations. It received the patronage of the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Regional Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.


Jan Lamser

Economist, banking specialist, chairman of the DRA association.

Miroslav Lukeš

Chairman of the Czech Fintech Association, founding member of the DRA.

Ladislav Minčič

Director of the Legislation Department of the Chamber of Commerce, founding member of DRA.